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Paradox Escape Route

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Paradox Escape Route is a Survival Sci-Fi (Turn-Based) RPG that takes place on the Mars Arctic! Pick from 8 different scientists with various skills and gear to fight your way out of the anomaly-ridden Mars Base of Eithode! Engage in a very challenging journey back home using any means necessary. Fight, run, hack, or search for a way off the Mars Arctic using any available tools you can find. Almost all battles can be run from including boss fights, which will create unusual situations if you choose to run from everything... It is possible to dodge every enemy and not have to engage in one fight! However, with the fixed directional camera view, prepare to think quick around every corner!

  • Start the way you want! Each character has different skills and advantages that further define any of the 12 jobs you pick! Are you someone that fights enemies head-on, or do you like to be surgical in your attacks? Or do you not like fighting at all? There is a Job for that!
  • Over 30 weapons to choose from that all have unique abilities and attacks! Each weapon has 4 different attack varieties that can be earned through leveling your character. Using a combination of Light and Heavy weapons, defeat any opposition that may stop your escape!
  • Acquire over 20+ allies that come in many shapes and sizes! Rebuild mechanical Bots to fight for you, [Mind-Control] enemy Amoeba at the cost of your ammo [EP]! Search for your team to utilize found weapons and augments for a real strong force!
  • Over 300+ Skills that can shift the battles in your favor! Over 400+ unique items that can be found in a randomized loot system similar to a Diablo II-style, which really creates unique situations with your current character compositions and areas you choose to explore!
  • Explore the Mars Arctic with over 12 massive buildings that your team may have escaped too! Each building is accessible from the start depending on how you approach them!

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