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This content requires the base game Farm Together on Steam in order to play.

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Farm Together - Sugarcane Pack

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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This bundle includes the following:

  • New crop: Sugarcane,
  • Two new outfits (male and female) with four different skins each,
  • New hat with four skins,
  • New glasses: Eyepatch,
  • New earring: Pirate Earring,
  • New face paint (male): Pirate moustache,
  • New pet skin: Blue Macaw Parrot,
  • New backpack: Ship Anchor,
  • New building: Grog Distillery,
  • New farm decorations: Cannon, Message in a Bottle, Treasure Chest,
  • New fence: Pirate Pole,
  • New house: Pirate Hideout,
  • New house decorations: Ship Helm, Loot Boxes, Porthole, Wooden Grating Hatch, Ship Lanterns, Bunk Bed, Pirate Map and Crossed Sabres,
  • New house door,
  • Two new house wallpapers and a new house floor.

About the base game:

Why you should buy Farm Together:

  • You’re looking for a casual, relaxing multiplayer.
  • You wish to leave all that big city life behind.
  • You’ve always wanted to run your own farm.

Alone or with friends

Welcome to the 3D world of farming animals, growing crops, and crazy challenges in Farm Together – a casual agriculture simulator created by Milkstone Studios, the creative minds behind Avatar Farm. Join this ultimate farming experience single, or invite your friends to have a real cottage party!

It all started at a farm

The daily routine of a farmer consists of many duties and challenges to fulfill. Grow crops, plant trees, feed the animals, earn money and spend it just the way you like. Earn experience and unlock new challenges, as well as completely new items to upgrade your own piece of land.

Enjoy the freedom

Farmer’s life is not a piece of cake, but it has its perks. Get involved in whatever you enjoy – building and decorating, customizing your avatar, meeting new friends, visiting their farms, or driving your tractor. You can even adopt a pet and take them anywhere with you! That way, you’ll always have a loyal and loving friend by your side.

Try not to get addicted

You can play Farm Together for as long as you wish, but remember that even if you’re not online, the time still advances. You can be sure that there will be plenty of things to do any time you come back. Don’t ever get bored with one of the most addicting and constantly upgraded farming simulation games!

Farm Together: key features

  • Highly addictive gameplay,
  • For players of all ages,
  • Available to play in single and multiplayer modes,
  • New content being added constantly,
  • Various activities to choose from.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements    Recommended requirements   
System Windows Vista    Windows 7, 64-bit   
Processor Dual Core Quad Core
Graphics card    DirectX 10 capable hardware    Nvidia GeForce 960   
DX 11 11

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MGG Studio
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