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SuperHot+ SuperHot: Mind Control Delete

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This bundle includes the following:

  • SuperHot
  • SuperHot: Mind Control Delete

Why you should buy SuperHot:

  • It's one of the most innovative shooter games,
  • You appreciate exciting gameplay,
  • You're curious what's better than the bullet time.

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Use your time wisely

SuperHot is a phenomenon that proved that you could present a fresh and original take on the petrified genre of first-person shooters. Instead of photorealistic graphics or complicated story, the game offers exciting gameplay. What is so unique about it? Time only moves when you move, and when you stop, everything else freezes too. It gives you a chance to plan your every move and perform spectacular dodges to avoid bullets and enemy attacks. As a result, SuperHot lets you use not only shooting but strategic skills as well. You don't need to hurry as you can stop time at any time and start it again when you decide you're ready. However, you are outnumbered and outgunned, so you'll have to make good use of all your abilities and possibilities to complete levels full of enemies. 

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SuperHot game modes

You can test your time managing abilities in many game modes. Besides the campaign, there are thrilling challenges and is an endless level that lets you fight endless waves of adversaries. Moreover, SuperHot features mini-games and other extras that broaden your SuperHot experience.

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Key features

  • A fresh take on the FPS genre,
  • Exciting combat with elements of strategy,
  • Minimalist visuals that emphasize the gameplay,
  • Mini-games, challenges, and other extras to extend your experience.

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