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Steel Graves

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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The story takes place several years in the future during the Great Galactic War between humankind and the aliens from planet Tartare. To fight the threat, spatial mega corporation NeoTerra colonizes the planets in the galaxy to steal the most valuable resource in the market: Orion's crystals. These crystals are the main food and energy of the aliens from Tartare.

  • The fight begins - Take place in this conflict and choose your side. Become a soldier in Neoterra and colonize planets. Technology, weapons and credits will be your best chances to survive. Develop and annihilate the enemy or take the alien's side and spread your biomass. Lay and breed to dominate the human invader. Your number will be your greatest strenght.
  • Build, collect, dominate - Steel Graves proposes a nervous and strategical multiplayer mod. Indeed, during your fighting against the enemy, you will have to take the right decisions to spread and to dominate your opponent. You will have to build outposts and to collect as much Orion's crystals as possible. The one owning the crystals dominate the game. But be careful ! Some dynamic events may change the course of the battle.
  • They are coming - Steel Graves proposes a survival mod for the bravest soldiers in Neoterra. This mod is available in solo or in co-op multiplayer and will severely challenge you. For numerous waves, you will have to survive against hordes of aliens that will try to annihilate you at all costs. This mod requires a lot of effort and rapidity because your defence will have to be infallible to hold as longer as possible.
  • Victory above all - The war is waiting for you. Join us on the battlefield. We need sharp-minded and ruthless soldiers because the enemy is on our doorstep. So what are you waiting for ?

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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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