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This content requires the base game Session: Skate Sim on Xbox in order to play.

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Argentina.

This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Session: Skate Sim - Warm-up Pack

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Crea-ture Studios



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This bundle includes the following:

  • Péitruss skatepark in Luxembourg, Europe's largest skatepark
  • The Hangar, a brand-new training area
  • Gear: a full prisoner outfit (even though skating is not prohibited these days!), 2 exclusive grip tapes and 2 decks

About the base game:

Why should you buy Session: Skate Sim:

  • You are looking for a realistic skate sim.
  • No scores system - only freedom and imagination.
  • You can film and share your tricks.

Became a pro in Session Skate Sim

Released on 22nd of September 2022, the Session Skate Sim makes digital skateboarding great again.

Each stick on the dual stick controllers connects to one of your feet. As you would with a real skateboard, you will have to learn how to deal with them and adjust your center of gravity. The design of the physics was done with a concentration on realism, fluidity, and immersion. For a rookie skateboarder, the first few hours can be tricky, just as in real life, but after you have learned the techniques, you will enjoy the unmatched pleasure of performing your very first kickflip! 

Session: Skate Sim provides full option customization as well, allowing you to create the ideal experience for yourself. You can pick from four different degrees of difficulty and receive all the help you need to get started in a complete tutorial.

Place your ramps whenever you want!

Inspired by the 1990s, when street skating was at its peak, Session: Skate Sim gives you the opportunity to experience authentic skateboarding and its culture without the use of a score system - just you, your place, and your creativity! Your noseslide or varial heelflip are ideal for this location; the judges don't need to tell you that. And just because some places are famous, the creators have included many of them in the game so that you can skate in them and use your imagination. These places include Black Hubbas (New York City), Brooklyn banks (New York City), FDR Park (Philadelphia), and many more.

Customize every detail

With a complex customization system for your skater and skateboard, show your personal style. You can get money to spend in skate stores by completing challenges. Nearly 200 pieces of merchandise (hoodies, shoes, caps, T-shirts, pants, etc.) are available from renowned manufacturers like Fallen, Zero, GrindKing, Thankyou, HIJINX Net, Antilanta, Roger Skate CO, No-Comply, iDabble, and others. 

Additionally, you may customize your skateboard with more than 250 parts from well-known manufacturers like No-Comply, GindKing, Thankyou, and many others, including wheels, trucks, and other parts. In addition to the design, the components (trucks, riser pads, wheels, etc.) have an effect on how you skate. Discover the best ones for your personal style and shred the most recognized locations!

Session: Skate Sim - key features:

  • Sublime skateboarding mechanics,
  • four difficulty levels,
  • experience the golden age of skating,
  • full customization,
  • possibility of recording video of your tricks directly in game.
Session: Skate Sim - Warm-up Pack EN Argentina

Become the best skater in Session: Skate Sim

Session: Skate Sim - Warm-up Pack EN Argentina

Customize your skater with well-known merchandise


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