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Open The Gates

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Robin van der Horst


Robin van der Horst

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Sidescrolling Castlebuilder

The emperor can no longer rule his realm! Per his appointment, you are now in charge of a brand-new conquest - construct a castle and attempt to defend it from opposing attacks while assembling your own army. In this sidescrolling real-time strategy game you can create your own strategy to combat enemies. Not everything is about fighting - build houses, taverns, prisons, hospitals, and other facilities to maintain a happy populace. Create timber camps, quarries, and charcoal factories to build up the resources your kingdom needs. Manage and rule your castle - to get rid of pests, hire falconers, and set up watchtowers to catch crooks.

Defense, attack, and exploration

To stop the enemy and keep them from entering your fortress, build walls and towers. Upgrade your defenses and repel large-scale sieges. Utilize siege weapons to besiege enemy strongholds, such as the ladderman, catapult, and siege tower. You can also build hot air balloons to soar through the air and visit gorgeous floating islands. Create new settlements in interesting places - you can try green pastures, scorching deserts, and volcanic craters. With 26 levels spread across six separate worlds, the main campaign may be completed in about 8 hours. After completing the main campaign, there are 12 difficult siege mode levels that offer additional gameplay.


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