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APFTU: A Place for the Unwilling

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AlPixel Games


Disaster Box

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Why you should buy APFTU (A Place for the Unwilling):

  • You love games with a mysterious feel to them. 
  • You’re looking for a game you can play multiple times. 
  • You enjoy games driven by your choices. 

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APFTU (A Place for the Unwilling) 

Uncover the secrets of a city that will die in 21 days in A Place for the Unwilling, a narrative-driven adventure game by AlPixel Games. Explore the gloomy and fog-covered town and make decisions that will determine its fate. Enjoy a deep narrative set in a Dickensian world. This city is hungry, don’t let it devour you. 

The clock is ticking

After the suicide of your friend, you inherit his house and trading business. You move to a new city which hides many dark secrets. It’s the final 21 days before the city dies. Time is your enemy and your every choice decides on the city’s fate. Watch the consequences of your decisions unfold. And remember to dream with caution.   

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A living world

Explore the town freely and search through every nook and cranny. A Place for the Unwilling offers a rich narrative with over 100 events shaped by your choices. See the environment change with your decisions. Meet over a dozen NPCs with individual stories and personalities. Find new clues and uncover the city’s terrible secrets. This town is not what it seems. 

A deep story

You won’t experience combat or quests in A Place of the Unwilling. The game is solely driven by a gripping narrative that touches on the subjects of inequality, isolation, cosmic horror, and more. Moreover, as the story unfolds with your decisions, each gameplay is a completely new and unique experience. Enjoy the hand-drawn graphic design accompanied by a soundtrack that transports you to this gloomy and atmospheric world. 

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APFTU (A Place for the Unwilling) features

  • Immersive story, 
  • Huge replay value, 
  • Gameplay driven by your decisions, 
  • Over 100 narrative events, 
  • Hand-drawn visuals and an atmospheric soundtrack. 

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MATUREContenuto generalmente adatto alle persone dai 17 anni in su. Può includere violenza intensa, scene cruente, contenuti sessuali e/o turpiloquio.


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