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All Quiet Roads

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The Key Shop

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Scheme Street


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Build roads between various neighborhoods. Congested roads turn amber and then red as traffic slows down. Build more roads. Add cloverleafs, ferries, bridges, and tunnels, getting all your vehicular traffic to where it needs to go.

The game begins in London. At the commencement of each city there are only a few neighborhoods on the map. You get to decide where to place roads to connect the neighborhoods. Periodically, each neighborhood will spawn vehicles that need to travel to other neighborhoods. As you connect roads between unique neighborhoods the vehicles will transit along your roads to reach their destinations. Vehicles will remain parked in their original neighborhood until a route exists to their desired destination.

Over time more neighborhoods will automatically appear on the map. Each neighborhood has an associated type of vehicle that it attracts. Vehicles spawning in other neighborhoods will seek the neighborhood of their destination type. You must add roads to keep the neighborhoods connected. Vehicles will use the roads autonomously when they are available. Roads that have too much traffic will slow down, and visually change to red when the traffic stops. Vehicles will try to route around traffic jams. It often makes sense for you to build multiple roadways so that vehicles can find their ways around traffic jams.

Cloverleafs can be used to upgrade intersections. A clover leaf allows traffic on one road to pass over traffic on another road instead of getting stuck waiting for the intersection to become empty. Various other upgrades are useful as well.


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The Key Shop
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