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Alien League

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Alien League is a 2 to 4 player local multiplayer party game. Play through 70 fast-paced intense minigames, compete in the Board, earn Totems and fight to become the new Champion!

  • Local Multiplayer - From 2 to 4 players, pick your character and play locally against your friends!
  • 70 Minigames - Play through 70 different minigames! Kill, stun, steal and score to win! With diversified minigame styles, play on free-for-all, one versus all and even in teams to fight your way to become the new Champion!
  • Game Modes:
    • Minigames Only - Fight nonstop minigame after minigame without interruptions and try to win as many as you can to earn points!
    • Board - Play through the board to earn as many Totems as you can. The more you have, the stronger you get in the Final Showdown! Totems can be bought with coins, so grab a lot of them by winning minigames, spinning the wheel of coins or even stealing from other players!
  • Final Showdown - Use the Totems that you collected in the board to power up your character. Upgrade your health, speed, bullet size and bullet speed to increase your chances of winning and be crowned as the new Champion!
  • Simple Controls - With extremely simplistic controls, anyone can learn how to play any minigame in seconds. Call all your friends and even family members. Even your granny has a chance of winning!
  • Full Controller Support - You can play using only controllers or you can have up to 2 people using the keyboard. Play however you want but we highly recommend using controllers!

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