The days of having to win tournament after tournament in professional gaming to earn a living are far gone. Those who are successful in attracting subscribers on Twitch can earn thousands of dollars per month from Twitch. There are those gamers who earn six figures per month off of the platform. A Twitch following is not going to be built overnight and could take months to get your subscriber count up to where you want it. This is going to take a proactive approach with a little bit of shameless self-promotion. The follow are ways to build your Twitch following so you can live the dream and game for a living.

Hone Your Gaming Skills

The truth is that not many people are going to want to watch your Twitch channel if you are not proficient at gaming. A great personality is fine but without the gaming skills to match you won’t be able to make a living off of gaming. The first thing that you have to do is identify areas where you can improve. The next is practice as practicing without addressing weaknesses can help you improve but not to the level you will need. There are plenty of gamers on Twitch from who you can take tips of how to play in the most effective way possible.

Promote Yourself Via Social Media

Social media and gaming message boards could not be more important to promote your gaming brand. Putting up a game clip on Instagram of an incredible shot, throw, kill, or jump with the appropriate hashtags can allow a gamer to build their social media as well as Twitch following. Engage with followers on debates about strategies and even what new games about to be released with feature. Establish yourself as a streamer and social media follower that responds to followers questions and retweets/reposts things that their followers have shared.

Avoid Using Profane Language

Gaming is done by people of all ages, beliefs, races, and nationalities. One point to remember is that there is a line between friendly banter and trash talk versus personally attacking someone. Trolling someone in a game like Fortnite can garner just as many Twitch views as a good back and forth of gamers talking trash. This does not mean that you should not have meltdowns as people genuinely think that these are entertaining. Nothing is worse than when a game lags during a critical moment and viewers will be able to relate with this frustration.

Game With Popular Streamers

Streamers who have large followings often times reach out to celebrities or professional athletes to play a game together live. This attracts fans of the famous gamer which helps make the Twitch streamer’s subscriber count increase as well as increasing exposure for the streamer overall. A great tactic is to reach out to a few well-known streamers to see if they would like to host a live stream where you play together. Also invite them to your channel to see if some of their fans would like to subscribe to your channel as well. Payment to play with some of these streamers could pay for itself in viewers so this is something to keep in mind.

Build A Team of All-Stars

Not every team of gamers has to be made of professionals who win tournaments on a regular basis. Playing together with friends or gamers you have met through playing online can help a team become quite proficient together. The communication needed in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite to win regularly will require a headset and microphone. Using Fortnite as an example picking up teammates with specific skills can make the team quite formidable. A player who is great at sniping or long distance shooting, an expert builder, the explosive expert, and the efficient brawler. This would make a great team in Fortnite even if some teammates lacked skill in other areas.

The above tips will help a new Twitch streamer get started when it comes to building a loyal following. Daily streaming and working on other variables will be required as you are trying to make this a solid form of income for yourself!