The Settlers 3 - Ultimate Collection

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This bundle includes the following:

  • The Settlers III
  • The Settlers III: Quest of the Amazons expansion
  • The Settlers III Mission CD

The gods may be crazy! First the Almighty HE, the highest of all the gods, sends Jupiter, Horus, and Ch’ib-Yu off into an extremely arduous competition simply on account of some occasional drinking sprees! Then the three gods are subjected to scorn and derision: Q'nqura, the goddess of the Amazons, lets the trio win in battle out of pure spite, and then their humiliation is complete!

The Settlers® III: Ultimate Collection is a lavishly designed, strategy-filled civilization simulation where your industrious people construct buildings, produce goods, harvest crops, and conquer new lands in scintillating real-time battles! Will you heed the call of the gods and become their avatar?

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For me the best Settlers

I played this game in my early childhood times end for me it's the best part in tie series - campaigns are challenging but fair. Graphics are colourful and resembles me of watching a cartoon comics like Asterix, The music and sound is nice. Settlers 3 story is simple God sees that lesser gods become lazy so he decides to give 3 of them Jupiter, Horus, and Chiyou competition task they must fight each other by their civilisations. Winner will have a feast losers will have to punish. In DLC Quest of Amazons Amazon goddess Q'nqüra wants to defeat all male tribes. Game is much different then the 1st and 2nd Settlers your minion doesn't need road to walk but if you plan village bad way you lose easy. Each race can please their god to gain godlike powers. I read this version works on win 10, 2nd DLC and has map editor so i will buy it for sure because it's worth that if you like economy strategy you will won't regret playing this game
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