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Red Dead Redemption 2

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description Description et exigences

Red Dead Redemption II is the third instalment of the Western series Red Dead. RDR2 is an action game with an open world. This title was developed by Rockstar Games (known for Grand Theft Auto series, Midnight Club or Bully). Red Dead Redemption II action is set in 1899 in times preceding the events of the previous part of the series. We are a part of infamous Dutch van der Linde gang. When the assault in a town ends in failure, criminals are forced to flee from law officers and bounty hunters and as a consequently fight for survival. Relations with other gang members with whom we share the camp are also significant — the choices we make determine their attitude towards the hero. In Red Dead Redemption II you take control of Dutch van der Linde’s right hand — Arthur Morgan. You will have to choose between loyalty to friends and protagonist own ideals. The decisions and reputation in the region have an impact on the story. Building relationships with other gang members with whom we share the camp also matters - the choices you’ll make determine their attitude towards the hero.

  • Vast open world which consists of rocky mountain areas, valleys covered with rivers, prairies, forests and cities whose inhabitants live their own lives.
  • Take care of your camp — manage supplies, while ensuring the team's morale. It is worth noting that this is not only Morgan's duty — his colleagues also set off to search if something (depending on their role, it can be, for example, wood, food or money) begins to run out.
  • Neutral characters dynamically respond to our actions depending on reputation, appearance or previous achievements.
  • Hunt for wild animals and earn money by selling furs and meat, but remember corpses start to rot over time!
  • There are also duels at noon, during which you must show reflexes and accuracy.
  • In addition to the extensive single player mode, Red Dead Redemption II also has a complex multiplayer variant, Red Dead Online.

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Game is very nice, but you need an nasa PC

It's very immersive and great in Gameplay and graphic.
But unfotunaly the pc port isn't as good.
(11 utilisateurs sur 15 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Pc version has better graphics and gameplay is smooth

I think that the PC version is so much better than the PS4 version, there are plenty of youtube videos showing the comparison. I like to play my games on the PC, in order to play this game in the highest settings, you must have the latest gaming computer with a high-end video card. Gameplay takes place in early 19th century and somewhat similar to GTA where you can choose your side and play the game the way you want it. You don't need a NASA PC though, just high-end gaming PC would work out just fine.
(8 utilisateurs sur 9 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Really good game

I think the pc port is really well done and the story of this game is amazing
(6 utilisateurs sur 6 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

The game is very nice

One of the best single player games i've ever played, i was just waiting for the PC release and it's finally here
(4 utilisateurs sur 4 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Great game

Super immersive and great detailed open world game.
(3 utilisateurs sur 3 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Dope Game Even Better on PC

Must play for everyone, best single player experience you will have this year. Heavy on graphics so you will need a 1070 or higher to be able to run this game on recommended settings.
(2 utilisateurs sur 2 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

goty 2018

phenomenal game with the utmost detailing will go down as one of the games of the decade
(2 utilisateurs sur 3 ont trouvé ceci utile.)


Great game, wich great open world . Conny thing that would be nice, would be some dort of fast travel
(2 utilisateurs sur 2 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

I love Aurther...

EA: Single player is dead
Rockstar: Hold my horse
Currently enjoying the game. Definitely game of the year. There's so much things to do and i love the world. This game is a must get.
(2 utilisateurs sur 2 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Really a nice & enjoyable game

This game is just a masterpiece. It's really fun to play it. But overall you need a great pc specs to play. It's a must to play game if you are a fan of these kind of games.
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

THE game is very nice

I wached some wideos an i decide to buy it !
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Great game

Love R* attention to details. One of the best game I played since Witcher 3.
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

The West, Open World and Modding?

YES PLEASE, ill start to dev meanwile i download the game :P
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

red dead redemtion 2

Prequel to the one of the best Rockstar games, true masterpiece, overing players a glimpse into a bygone age just as civilisation finally takes hold of the old west west with amazing visuals and story
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Amazing game.

Like my title this game is amazing, I have it on ps4 and everything about it is perfect. Watching youtube videos I believe that this game on pc looks way better.
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Awesome game


Massive map
Lifelike graphics
Incredible animations
Story *
Depth of story (characters, metaphors, allegories)
Atmosphere **
Amount of content
Mission design
Horse bonding
And more...

Ridiculous, unwarranted bounties
Somewhat frequent bugs
Automatically chooses weapons for missions *
Bullet holes in hats
(how many times can you get shot in the head and survive?)
Deletes outfits/removes them from horse in annoying ways

Story ********** 10/10
Gameplay ********** 10/10
Atmosphere ********** 10/10
Overall ********** 10/10

Story (characters, narrative, depth, role playing)
Gameplay (mechanics, customization, level design)
Atmosphere (graphics, environment, pace, nostalgia)
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Red dead redemption 2 is a great game

It is a great game and to but the game from gamivo in very afforable price it become legendary
(1 utilisateurs sur 1 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

I love this game!

I love this game, having on PS4 Pro and PC, and still can't get enough of the game. Gamivo rocks as always!
(0 utilisateurs sur 0 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

nice game

very amazing game and nice chatacter
its just perrrrrfect
(0 utilisateurs sur 0 ont trouvé ceci utile.)

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Review

I don't know how to describe this game... The atmosphere, the story, Arthur, That's The Way It Is (my favorite song of all games I've ever played), riding with your horse, and I could say more things about it, but, go play it, it's the best game I've ever played...
(0 utilisateurs sur 0 ont trouvé ceci utile.)