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Phoenix Point is a tactical strategy game set in the original science-fiction universe. The American studio Snapshot Games is responsible for creating the titl... Lire la suite

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Phoenix Point is a tactical strategy game set in the original science-fiction universe. The American studio Snapshot Games is responsible for creating the title, which was founded in 2013. The developers published the well-received turn-based fantasy strategy Chaos Reborn, which was created thanks to the collection on Kickstarter two years after the band's creation. Julian Gollop supervised the production of both games. This legendary creator and veteran of the industry has made classics such as Laser Squad, Rebelstar Raiders, and above all the original UFO: Enemy Unknown, which is the first cover of the X-COM series, resurrected successfully by Firaxis in 2012.

The title takes us to year 2046. A few decades earlier, scientists studying Antarctica discovered a mysterious ancient alien virus in one of the ice samples. Soon it gets out of control and attacks all life forms it encounters. In the face of a global pandemic, humanity proved powerless and was decimated in a short time. The place of animals and humans was taken by terrifying mutated creatures, hiding in the fog covering a large surface of the Earth. Survivors protect themselves in secluded enclaves, fighting every day for survival against constantly changing and adapting to new conditions opponents. The inspiration for developers was the work of H.P. Lovecraft, as well as film horrors, directors such as David Cronenberg. The story presented in Phoenix Point has several endings, which you will receive depending on the decisions made during the campaign.

Phoenix Point draws inspiration from the original X-COM and its modernized versions (XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2). This does not mean, however, that the developers only used the mechanical solutions of their predecessors. Players command one of the last bastions of humanity (the title Phoenix Point), taking care of its development, security and resources, as well as military operations. As in XCOM, during the game you also operate on the global map of the world, looking for other human settlements and completing their missions. Hidden locations in which you acquire resources necessary for the development of the base and equipment will also be important. By establishing contact with other factions, it may turn out that not all of them are friendly. Some even worship the monsters created by the virus, others seek to coexist or completely exterminate these opponents. Depending on our relationship with other groups, you can also use their unique technologies and weapons. The political and economic aspect of the game will be implemented on a much larger scale than in the case of XCOM, sometimes reminiscent of the strategies of Paradox.


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