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Lethal Running

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Fight off never-ending attacks from merciless bounty hunters in the ruins of the city and survive the harsh conditions of the devastated wasteland.

Play in a beautiful handcrafted pixel art world. Procedurally generated levels mean no run is ever the same. Tread carefully, because permadeath is on your trail. Buy and implant stims to upgrade your skills and increase your chances of survival. Talk to people – maybe they'll help you… Some run the black market and have useful gear for sale. Some will shamelessly rob you while you sleep.
Run for your life!

  • Explore urban districts and the wasteland. Loot weapons, tools and food and repair and mod your loot. Repair broken equipment at workbenches in industrial sectors. Pick the locks of doors or blow them up. Look out for energy stations to recharge armor, lamps, lasers and other energy consuming equipment. Hack into computer systems to access door keys or blueprints for crafting loot at 3D printers.
  • Make the Knight's armor glow with the laser gun. Sneak past your enemies with the help of the cloak device. Batter bad-guys into submission with the baseball bat. Use the mind controller to ‘persuade’ your opponents to work and fight for you. Stun opponents with flashbangs and rob them afterwards. Use a silencer so the hunters cannot hear you. Pump a load of lead into that stupid laughing Clown!!!
  • Open loot chambers with a nice little package of dynamite - after you’ve fought your way through the heavily armed guards. Dig for edible roots in the earth of the wasteland and cook them for a nutritious meal. Make a warming campfire at night. Treat your illnesses with mysterious herbs. Look out for the gift drone that drops supporting loot for you. Find a safe place to sleep to avoid being robbed in your sleep or getting your skull bashed in.
  • The game takes place in a dystopian future where the majority of people live in poverty under an oppressive government. The only hope for a better life seems to be the Lethal Running Game Show, which promises rich rewards to the winners.

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