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Kaiju Kite Attack

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OH MY KAIJU!!! IT'S...KAIJU!!! KAIJU KITE ATTACK!!! Get your kite in the sky now! The Kaiju are coming to town to burn it down. Save your Meemaw! Save the universe! FLY OR DIE!

  • FLY OR DIE! Non-stop kite-flying, Kaiju-fighting, SHMUP-shootingplatform-hopping, side-scrolling action
  • The FIRST EVER philosophical, story-driven, SHMUP-platformer, spawned from beyond the bounds of space and time
  • Look out for interstellar Kaiju invasions! Protect your kite, and it may save your feeble life from the claws and jaws of the towering beast's attacks
  • State-of-the-artkite-flying physics and controls engineered to accurately and precisely simulate an actual, real-life kite-flying, Kaiju attack
  • Procedurally generated platforming, ensuring each and every platform you land on is one ripped from the grip of random chaos incarnate
  • Unimaginable and unending worlds to explore (actually there's 6)
  • ???bit, 2d graphics that suggest your old busted ATARI and dusty NES were crossing wires out in the garage
  • 8 bit original chiptune soundtrack, produced for an optimal kite-flying experience
  • Save the Universe! You just might UNLOCK more secret high-flying action
  • An existential vacation on a technicolor kite! Avenge your Meemaw, and find your inner Nino!
  • Programming, art, music, and magic summoned by a Pan-dimensional rabbit

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