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CPUCores: Maximize Your FPS

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With CPUCores, you will be able to dedicate CPU resources towards your gaming, thus enabling your game to hit the maximum FPS possible on your PC hardware. CPUCores does this by intelligently controlling certain OS functions, non-game programs, and dedicated resources to be used explicitly by your game. 

CPUCores automatically detects all of your Steam games. It also automatically integrates with Steam's ability to launch a game. You simply have to run CPUCores from within Steam, select the Steam game you wish to run optimally, then click the "START GAME" button within CPUCores. That's it!

CPUCores does multiple things to optimize your OS. To start, CPUCores will isolate your entire OS to your first core. Secondly, CPUCores examines and constrains key Windows services that are not essential and known to hog CPU resources. Third, CPUCores examines and isolate key Windows processes to ensure a perfect balance of CPU savings without starving key Windows processes.

CPUCores will isolate and dedicate processing cores to be exclusively used by your game. In addition, CPUCores will allow game-specific hyper-thread disabling/enabling. Further, advanced options allow you to be specific in what processing cores and/or hyper-threads you want you game to use (or not use). 

  • Isolate your Operating System to it's a non-gaming CPU processing core 
  • Isolate your non-gaming programs (Web browser, music streaming, etc.) to share resources with your OS-limited processing core 
  • Dedicated multiple processing cores to be exclusively used for gaming 
  • Have the ability to eliminate potentially inefficient and under-performing CPU "Hyperthreading" for a particular game 
  • Ensure your video game has 100% of a processing core, versus Operating System default (often only 60%-90%) 
  • ... Maximize your FPS!

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