I. Definitions

  1. "GAMIVO Club Cashback” or “Cashback" - an insolvent cashback added to User’s account balance, which may be used as described in Regulations.
  2. "GAMIVO Club Service" or "Service" – service described in Regulations.
  3. "Regulations" - these regulations of GAMIVO CLUB,
  4. "Terms & Conditions" – GAMIVO Terms & Conditions document.
  5. Platform – GAMIVO.COM sales platform,
  6. Capitalized words not defined in this Article have the meaning given to them in the Terms & Conditions.


II. General conditions

  1. These Regulations set out the terms and conditions for the provision of the GAMIVO Club service by GAMIVO as part of the Platform.
  2. GAMIVO Club Service is for private and retail customers, not business partners, wholesalers or companies.
  3. The GAMIVO Club Service may only be used on the Platform.
  4. Any User may use the GAMIVO Club Service. The Service is available for the User when making a transaction on the Platform.
  5. GAMIVO Club Service is not available for wholesale transactions and Application Programming Interface (API) transactions.
  6. GAMIVO Club Service is not available for any accounts that have any different status of User account on the Platform.
  7. Using the GAMIVO Club Service is free of charge and does not require any additional activation from the User.
  8. The GAMIVO Club Service may not be used for resale or free sharing on the Platform to other Users, which means that the Service may be provided only to and for the individual use of the User who received the Cashback.
  9. Users who have spent at least EUR 1000 on GAMIVO in the last 12-month period are not eligible to receive the GAMIVO Club cashback.

III. Cashback Service

  1. When making a purchase on the Platform, a User’s account a GAMIVO Club Cashback will be added to this User’s account balance on the Platform.
  2. GAMIVO Club Cashback is active on User’s account for the number of 30 days but a longer active period may be set as to sole discretion of GAMIVO.
  3. The term described in point 2 will be counted from the date the Cashback was added to User’s account.
  4. A purchasing User without GAMIVO Smart Service will receive 0% cashback as GAMIVO Club Cashback for each purchase transaction on the Platform.
  5. A purchasing User with GAMIVO Smart Service will receive 0% cashback as GAMIVO Club Cashback for each purchase transaction on the Platform. The Service may also be used when purchasing the GAMIVO Smart Service.
  6. The GAMIVO Club Cashback is counted based on price actually paid in the purchase transaction.
  7. Maximum amount of GAMIVO Club Cashback on a User’s account is 500 EURO. After reaching the set amount User may not receive any further Cashback until current Cashback is spent below the maximum amount.

IV. Cashback limitations

  1. User which has GAMIVO Club Cashback on his User’s account balance may use the Cashback to cover the price of further purchase transactions on the Platform.
  2. User may cover up to 50% of the price of a single purchase transaction on the Platform with the Cashback.
  3. The Cashback may be used with other GAMIVO’s coupons or services, when marked by GAMIVO.
  4. The Cashback received by the User from different purchase transactions will be used in order from the oldest to the newest, which includes any other type of cashback on User’s account.
  5. The Cashback will be taken from the User’s account when the new purchase transaction is marked as a completed order.
  6. The User is not entitled to a financial compensation for the Cashback he did not use.

V. Security Provisions

  1. GAMIVO may exclude some payment methods from GAMIVO Club Service. This applies to payment methods, which do not allow returns.
  2. In the event that the User’s actions violate the provisions of the Regulations, Terms & Conditions or if the Buyer has taken any actions that negatively affect the security of the Platform 's operation, harm other Users or are contrary to the assumptions of the GAMIVO Club Service described in the Regulations, or aimed at bypassing the safeguards used by GAMIVO or consisting of falsifying data as part of the Service, GAMIVO has the right to suspend the provision of the Service to the User or exclude the User from the Service.
  3. GAMIVO has a right to lower the value of a refund due to a granted and used Cashback. If during a refund Cashback is still not used GAMIVO will remove it from User’s account.
  4. GAMIVO has a right to disqualify any Product or a Hardware Product from GAMIVO Club Service, at sole discretion of GAMIVO.
  5. Cashback cannot be paid out to the User in cash or in any other form.
  6. When the User’s account is closed, GAMIVO Club Cashback will not be paid out to the User.

VI. Final Provisions

  1. GAMIVO reserves the right to temporarily modify the rules set out in these Regulations for promotional campaigns organized by GAMIVO or its business partners. The rules for promotional campaigns will be each time indicated in the individual regulations of the promotional campaigns in question.
  2. For all matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Terms & Conditions and generally applicable Malta law will apply.
  3. In the event of a conflict between these Regulations and the Terms & Conditions, the provisions of these Regulations shall apply.
  4. If any provision of the Regulations proves to be invalid or ineffective, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid or ineffective provision will be replaced by such valid provision which reflects the economic value, the intention of the parties and objective of the invalid or ineffective provisions to the highest extent. The pertinent clause does not apply to the Users who act as consumers.