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WWE 2K18

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WWE 2K18 is a 2017 edition of long-running professional wrestling simulator, featuring improved graphics, new mechanics, and some of the greatest wrestling legends encouraging your to pit them against each other. Or create your own performer and throw him into a 8-man brawl, see who emerges on top. Relive your favourite moments of the pro wrestling history or prepare matches of legends that have never faced off on the ring. With WWE 2K18 massive roster of playable wrestlers, this is easier than it's ever been. Nearly 200 performersare at your disposal for 1v1 and bigger matches, including the Undertaker, Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, and of course... John Cena! Each performer is meticulously recreated, down to their mannerisms and their latest tattoos. It's a visual treat to every fan of professional wrestling. Did you consider the grapples and carries sorely lacking in the previous instalments of WWE 2K? 2K18 addresses this, introducing a new carry system letting you transition smoothly to a number of powermoves upon reaching specific places on the ring. Hot tagging got a nice lifting, to make switching with a partner much easier and more dynamic, too.If quick pins are more your speed, WWE 2K18 has your back, too. Cause a momentary distraction to open your opponent for a quick pin, capable of shifting the odds in your favour. Test yourself in the MyCareer mode, with a hand-crafted wrestler persona. Use the MyPlayer feature and choose from several fighting styles, balancing their strengths and weaknesses against your own playstyle. Make your first steps on the Road To Glory, testing your avatar in a sequence of events, to show everyone else involved that yours are the mightiest fist and style.If you feel like the top dog already, jump into the Universe mode, with its story and carefully scripted cutscenes. Compare power rankings with other performers, and complete your bucket list of personal goals. During your WWE 2K18 gameplay you get to see and use well over 2000 different moves drawn from the full history of professional wrestling, and some of the signature moves of your favourite performers. Elbow drop and clothesline like the best of them, with lifelike animations and the bulging biceps you've come to expect.

  • Wrestling legends - the undertaker, John Cena, even the Ultimate Warrior. The roster is close to 200 performers, take your pick
  • All you can carry - with the new grapple system you can setup devastating powermoves
  • Visual improvements - WWE 2K has never looked so good, with polished graphics and faithful recreation of the famous wrestlers
  • Soundtrack curated by The Rock - the licensed tracks you hear in WWE 2K18 are hand-picked by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for maximum style and authenticity

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