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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe.

This is a PlayStation 5 version of the game.

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This War of Mine: Final Cut

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11 bit studios


11 bit studios

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This bundle includes the following:

  • The base game: This War of Mine. 
  • All updates and free expansions added along the way to create the Final Cut.

The Remastered Final Cut version for PlayStation 5 is finally here!

Why you should buy This War of Mine:

  • You wish to take a deeper look at civilians’ lives during the war.
  • You enjoy games with an outstanding atmosphere.
  • You’d like to encounter an unforgiving and emotionally difficult experience.

In the background

This War of Mine is a unique game that lets you take a closer look at the background of war. Behind soldiers, gunfires, and general chaos, there are regular people hiding in their houses. They struggle day by day to survive and save their beloved ones. See the stories inspired by real-life events and find out what’s happening behind the scenes of conflict.

The tales of suffering

In each episode, you’ll meet new characters who will try to make it out alive. Immerse in heartbreaking tales of love, loss, hope, and unspeakable moral dilemmas… Make decisions on how far you will go to protect your loved ones. Every choice may lead to a different outcome, so pick wisely.

Through the ruins

Traverse ruins in search of food, medicine, or hiding from snipers. This War of Mine features a day and night cycle to reflect the reality of war even better. During the day, you’ll need to hide, fix, and upgrade your hideout, while the night will make it safer to move around and look for any useful equipment.

The atmosphere of insecurity

The game is set in dark, grim surroundings with a significant impact of lighting effects. This War of Mine was created in 3D, but the players watch the stories unfold from the side, which makes an impression of a classic 2D game. Prepare for a mix of adventure, crafting, base building, survival, and decision-making mechanics that’ll let you live as a civilian during the war.

This War of Mine: key features:

  • The unique, hand-drawn art style,
  • Stories based on real-life events,
  • Morally difficult choices,
  • A tension and insecurity at each step,
  • Mixed elements of various genres.
This War of Mine: Final Cut EU

Different characters, different stories.

This War of Mine: Final Cut EU

Create your shelter in the ruins.

This War of Mine: Final Cut EU

Develop tasks to help everyone survive.


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Clasificación ESRB:

TEENPor regla general, el contenido es apto para 13 años o más. Puede contener violencia, temáticas insinuantes, humor zafio, presencia mínima de sangre, apuestas simuladas o, de manera ocasional, lenguaje soez


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