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The Last Stand: Aftermath ARG

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Why you should buy The Last Stand: Aftermath

  • Shooting zombies is your perfect plan for an evening,
  • You like fast-paced action games,
  • The post-apocalyptic setting is your favorite.

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The Last Stand: Aftermath is the fourth installment in a series consisting of The Last Stand, The Last Stand II, and The Last Stand: Union City. Once again, you have a chance to face zombie hordes; however, the newest release is far more advanced and looks way better than its predecessors.

The developers describe The Last Stand: Aftermath as an action-adventure rogue-lite. You take control of one of the people who has survived the zombie apocalypse and now must roam the remains of our civilization and fight countless brain-eaters. Moreover, you must seek the fuel necessary to travel to new locations and supplies that may be used to craft new weapons and items. 

Don't let your guard down

You must stay vigilant while exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beware of hordes of zombies, some with a particular set of dangerous skills. Fortunately, you're not helpless in this hostile environment. Use everything you may find to craft new deadly tools of destruction. You can even mutate yourself to gain new abilities that help you prevail.

The Last Stand: Aftermath

Death is not the end

Sadly, the survivor you control will die eventually. He may be killed by a vicious zombie or perish because of a deadly virus he's infected with. But this unfortunate event won't end your journey in The Last Stand: Aftermath, since you'll take control of a new survivor, keeping all the perks and upgrades, earned earlier.  

Key features

  • A thrilling adventure in a post-apocalyptic world,
  • Hordes of zombies to kill,
  • Crafting system.

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