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Spelunky Steam Gift CD key

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How to Activate: You will receive a gift link to the external provider's website in your web browser. Login there using your Steam account. Make sure to choos... Leer más

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Merchant Cat

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How to Activate:

  • You will receive a gift link to the external provider's website in your web browser.
  • Login there using your Steam account.
  • Make sure to choose the same country as your store country found in Steam account details.
  • The automated system will add your Steam account to friend-list. Please accept it.
  • After you accept the friend request, it will send you your purchased game as a gift.

Why you should buy Spelunky:

  • You wish to bring back the memories of old-school platform games.
  • You’re looking for a challenging game, which will entertain you for weeks.
  • You would love to explore the mysterious caves and find hidden treasures.

Beneath the surface

Take on the challenge to explore the deep dark caves and collect the hidden treasures. No one knows what’s lurking beneath the surface, so you better prepare for some unexpected obstacles. This classic platform game features everything you need – collectibles, traps, enemies, and randomized levels.

The brave adventurer

Take control of spelunker and explore various tunnels and caves. Use ropes to navigate, defeat enemies by jumping on them, and use a limited supply of bombs to find your way to the treasure. The longer you play, the more difficult areas you’ll reach, however, the treasures will also be more valuable.

Enemies from below

Beneath the ground, you may stumble upon many unfriendly creatures willing to bring your expedition down. Watch out for bats, snakes, and spiders, but also some more unexpected characters, like yeti, man-eating plants, or ghosts. Each of them may be defeated, however, you’ll have to avoid them hurting you, as you have a limited health bar.

Archeological artifacts

As a spelunker, you’ll get to collect many items. Besides gold and jewels, you’ll be able to find useful items, like bombs, guns, or climbing gear. You can also spot some magical treasures, for example, kapalas, hedjets, crystal skulls, and golden ankhs, which may be combined with each other to give you some supernatural abilities.

Spelunky: key features

  • Classic platform game,
  • Randomized maps of tunnels and caves,
  • Challenging levels,
  • Variety of enemies, traps, and treasures,
  • Multiplayer mode, available on some platforms.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements   
System Windows XP/Vista/7/8   
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8 GHz)   
Graphics card    3D graphics card
Drive Space 200 MB
DX 9.0c

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