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Requires a virtual reality headset.

Song in the Smoke VR Steam

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Why you should buy Song in the Smoke VR You’re looking for a challenging survival VR game.  You’d like to try surviving alone in the wild.  You’re not sensiti... Leer más

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Why you should buy Song in the Smoke VR

  • You’re looking for a challenging survival VR game. 
  • You’d like to try surviving alone in the wild. 
  • You’re not sensitive to violent and bloody scenes. 

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Song in the Smoke VR

Song in the Smoke is a VR survival game developed by 17-Bit. Survive in a hostile fantasy world, where you’ll have to craft your own weapons and clothes, search for water, hunt for food, and build a shelter in order to live. Song in the Smoke includes violence, such as hunting and killing animals, blood, and harvesting resources from the bodies, which may be difficult for sensitive players to watch.  

Survival or death

Begin your adventure through the dangerous world of Song in the Smoke. Learn survival skills and start crafting weapons, make clothes from animal skin, find a shelter, and build fires to scare away wild animals. Brew medicine to heal your wounds and illness. Gather resources and raw materials necessary for crafting and stock up on food and other crucial items. Remember to watch your back, otherwise, you may become prey.   

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Be a hunter, not a prey 

The beautiful, lush woods are full of dangerous creatures and wild animals, ready to attack. Hunt your prey and use hand-crafted weapons to kill it. Sneak behind your target or hide in the forest and tall grass before you attack. The responsive VR controls enable you to make the most precise kill. Hunting animals provides you with fresh meat, bones, and skin you can use to survive. However, some creatures are too deadly to face, so prepare to run for your life.  

A wide world to explore

Song in the Smoke offers a huge open world for you to explore. Follow the sound of the song that will guide you through this fantasy world. Discover all mysteries and secrets that nature hides. Venture through lush forests, ancient valleys, and snow-covered mountains. Use natural resources and raw materials to survive in different environments. Enjoy the beautiful cartoon-ish visuals created by Katsuya Terada, a graphic designer behind such titles as The Legend of Zelda and Blood: The Last Vampire.  

Buy Song in the Smoke VR on GAMIVO

Song in the Smoke VR features 

  • Survival in hostile environments, 
  • Crafting, gathering resources, and hunting, 
  • Freedom of exploration, 
  • Unraveling mysteries and secrets,
  • Responsive VR controls. 

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements
System 64-bit processor and operating system 
Processor Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater
Graphics card    NVIDIA GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater
Drive Space 12 GB

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