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Pixel Robot Hunter is simplistic 2d shooter platformer with pixel graphics.

Player is robot who want gold. So kill enemies in different levels and find gold treasure. Levels contain different enemies : flying and running goblins, enemy bats and spike bosses in end of every levels. Also different traps like firespikes which will kill player. Player can also collect different weapons like spacerifle and firebomb weapons which is powerful weapon against bosses. Also health pick-ups are available. Game contains also checkpoint system where player will respawn after death.
First version contains 9 levels and test level where player can check out different enemies, pick-ups and features. Robot player and enemies can also shoot through walls

  • 9 levels- checkpoint system
  • Double-jump
  • Health system
  • Player sliding feature
  • Test level which show all important features of game
  • 3 different weapons: normal rifle, laser rifle and firebomb weapon
  • Ammo pick-ups
  • Health pick-ups
  • 4 different enemies: flying goblin, running goblin, bats, spike bosses with weapons
  • Camera shakes
  • Flying platformers
  • Super jump barrels
  • Controller/gamepad support

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