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This is an Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game.

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Lake is a relaxing narrative-adventure game. Meet Meredith Weiss and help her decide on her future. Leer más


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Why you should buy Lake:

  • You're looking for a game that will help you relax, 
  • You want to create your own story,
  • You don't like being rushed.

Good old times

Lake is a narrative-adventure game that lets you go back to 1986 and follow the story of Meredith Weiss. She has a career in the big city but decides to take a break and move to Providence Oaks, Oregon, to fill her father's shoes as a mail carrier. In her hometown, she'll meet old acquaintances and make new friends. If you wish, one of those relationships may turn into something romantic.

Write your own story

Living in Providence Oaks is slow and simple as there are no cellphones or the internet. As a local postal worker, you can drive your delivery truck yourself or leave it in the autopilot's hands. Of course, the protagonist also has more exciting things to do. You'll choose how she will utilize her free time. There are plenty of options: she may become a people person who hangs out with friends and gives a helping hand to her neighbors or be more of a loner whose best pal is a compelling book. The game neither rushes nor forces you to do anything. It's only up to you how Meredith will spend two weeks in picturesque Providence Oaks and whether she'll decide to stay or move back to the city. Lake allows you to create your own story as there are no wrong answers and bad endings. 

Lake - key features:

  • A beautiful quiet town,
  • Colorful characters you can befriend,
  • Many after-work activities to choose from,
  • Relaxing gameplay, 
  • You can create your own story.

Meredith has taken a career break to deliver mail in her hometown


It's 1986, so there are no ubiquitous mobile phones or the internet


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