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In The Long Run The Game is a way to discover some of the most peculiar objects in our Solar System, like Planets, Asteroids and Moons trying to survive in hostile environments.

  • Play as a futuristic astronaut that must find a way to build up a colony by gathering resources and trying to survive.
  • You will need to build many structures that will help you exploring the planet and make your colony grow in numbers.
  • You will be able to build and drive vehicles that performs differently depending on the planet gravity and that can help you to quickly gather resources.
  • The building system is very easy to use and you can build huge structures all across the game maps
  • Game maps are Open World and completely explorable. The landscape is made basing on real terrain datas
  • The game will change depending on the planet or moon you are trying to colonize for a more realistic experience and maps are based on scientific datas from space missions.
  • Day / Night cycles and Dynamic weather (dust devils on mars etc)

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