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How to activate:

  • Download and install the IK Product Manager https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/productmanager/
  • Launch and login to IK Product Manager with your IK Multimedia User Name and Password.
  • Select "REGISTER PRODUCT" past the given serial number and click "REGISTER"
  • Download product from the same "MANAGE MY PRODUCTS" menu

The White Channel is the modern counterpart to our acclaimed British Channel and is a dead-on recreation of a contemporary, high-resolution large-format analog console's channel strip. The facilities of this plug-in are quite the same as in the British Channel, but the circuit design of the original hardware was conceived with a more modern approach to high bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio. We paid special attention to have these features closely matched in our model.

As in its vintage sibling, the EQ section features a dual-mode operation for maximum flexibility and tone, so Black and Brown circuit designs can be accessed on the fly (and as in the British Channel they are reflected by the low shelf EQ knob color).

The gate-expander/dynamics section has all the power to put you in control of your tracks, as it was designed with flexibility in mind; it can be placed before or after the EQ section or used in sidechain mode with the EQ or filter section. This feature is one of those that make this channel strip super flexible: compression placed before or after EQ can dramatically alter the way a track sounds; radically changing the EQ of the track before compressing it (like boosting large amounts of low end) will make the compressor “sense” different frequencies first, thus reacting in a different way compared to how it would behave if placed before EQ. This can be used very effectively to shape the track's sound, to the extremes of turning it into something radically different, a necessity often encountered in mixing.

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