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How to activate:

  • Download and install the IK Product Manager https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/productmanager/
  • Launch and log in to IK Product Manager with your IK Multimedia User Name and Password.
  • Select "REGISTER PRODUCT" past the given serial number and click "REGISTER"
  • Download product from the same "MANAGE MY PRODUCTS" menu

The British Channel was modeled after one of the most widely used and acknowledged pieces of hardware in music history. Countless hit records around the world have been produced on this large-format British mixing console since the 80's making it a true staple of the music production technology for its ultimate flexibility and trademark sound. Many of these consoles are still in active use today in the control rooms of countless studios around the world.

The signal path of this channel strip was closely modeled from top to bottom, in order to achieve such flexibility and control, so each gain stage and section switching option is matched, and this can be clearly heard in the British Channel precise and “forward” sound.

Nonetheless, we decided to add a few further enhancements to its already powerful design: selectable black/brown EQ mode allows the user to tap into the two EQ circuits that were peculiar to the console's different versions (with the low shelf knob color showing which one is selected).

This means that the dramatic frequency shifts and boost/cut ranges are available at the flick of a switch for instantaneous tone-shaping possibilities, where the black mode has more inherent gain and sharper Qs, giving a more pronounced “EQ” effect.

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