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Hero Battle is a PK and team fighting game,VR game.

The plot of Hero Battle takes place in the near future, where a nuclear war breaks out that nearly destroys the world. Only a few human beings have survived and have formed 4 camps fighting indefinitely for resources, faiths and survival: Warriors who revere physical strength, Mechanized Troops that are defined by the high-tech, Mercenaries under the World Government, and the Mutant Troops.

  • Features - No level or dungeon system. No requirements for level-ups or monster killing. Engage in fighting whenever you enter the game!
  • Gameplay - Hero Battle is a PVP game that players can enter any room of 1V1 all up to 8V8 at any time.
  • Graphics - Hero Battle is designed with a realistic style, featuring high-precision models and high-definition maps and textures that present a fantastic while lifelike effect.
  • Special Effects - The special effects of Hero Battle are a combination of sounds, lighting and shades that seek a balance between the visual excellence and a realistic presentation.
  • Motions - The motion design of Hero Battles is based on real-life figures and perfectly demonstrates the speed, strength and explosiveness of the protagonists: the players can feel the explosiveness when speeding up, and a delayed effect when being attacked or floating in the air.
  • Control - Players control their protagonists with both the keyboard and the mouse. Players can shift their visions by moving the mouse, and move the protagonist and cast spells by using the keyboard.

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