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Dungeon Overseer

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Become the Overseer! Dungeon Overseer fills a void in that super fun RTS genre. Dungeon Overseer looks to combine the fun elements of games like Dungeon Overlord and Fallout Shelter. Don the crown and pursue glory by building a unique dungeon layout, constructing your lair, upgrading and expanding your creation, questing, crafting, researching, recruiting, defending your base, and raiding. Build a resource production pool that will sustain your minion army. Level up your rooms and your minions. Become the Overseer and let everyone witness your true power!

Construct your dungeon with a multi tier tile system. All construction is based on your tile layouts so you can shape your dungeon the way you want. Certain minions hang out in certain rooms so designing your layout can assist with defense.

  • Design the perfect dungeon layout with the tile foundation system
  • Construct 10 different unique room types
  • Upgrade and expand each room type 4 times with special bonuses each tier
  • Purchase add ons for each room type to further add bonuses and unlock special features
  • Construct your lair, library, and temple rooms to unlock new minions
  • Higher tier minions collect rarer resources while raiding
  • Level up your recruits to increase their power and their raiding results
  • Learn the ropes while collecting rewards
  • Complete over 50 initial current quests
  • The current quest line will have your dungeon up and running in no time
  • Demand obedience and send minions on raids via the Overseers Roster
  • Each minion collects experience, resources, and a tier specific rare while raiding
  • Monitor each minions progress via the Overseers Raid screen and level them up, revive them, and order their return to collect spoils
  • While you maybe the Overseer your new mountain home is plagued by Golems who dislike your industrious efforts
  • Construct a solid base layout to protect your troops from the golems
  • Hire minions to fight off the golem armies.
  • Collect rewards for defending or lose resources for failing the challenge is yours
  • Collect research points from your library
  • Research upgrades for your rooms to unlock add ons
  • Research upgrades to increase your minions power
  • Unlock rare resource crafting in the foundry room
  • Upgrade your foundry to increase the rate at which rares are produced
  • Upgrade your foundry to unlock higher tier rare resources needed for your base and minions

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