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Pen sketches with clean lines and weird-looking creations beyond your wildest animation, presented in frame-by-frame, hand-drawn animation combined with Spine animation.

There are a lot of random elements in the game that allow the player to adopt a variety of constantly-shifting tactics and strategies. The player can enjoy maps with different terrains, different types of enemies, the butterfly effect of action and consequently set off by different events and puzzles, random mini-games, varying difficulty levels, equipment, items, skills, and traits, etc.

During expeditions, characters enter 'rooms' containing random events, battles, resting areas, shops, etc. Room locations and routes are all randomly generated in each expedition, so each one provides something new. Which room you'll travel to is decided by the roll of the dice, while you actively decide which way to go when you reach a fork in the road.

Players have a chance to encounter Invasion Events from other players. In these, you'll face off against them, and earn extra rewards if you win.

  • Races - All kinds of strange and weird creatures exist in the world of Dungeon No Dungeon. Some unusual races or species that often side characters or NPCs are now characters that the player can select and control themselves.
  • Levels and Skills - Characters have 10 levels and start with one set skill (at Lv.1). After leveling up, they have a chance to roll for a skill, selecting 1 from 3 possible skills as a reward. Each character has around 20 possible skills. After Lv.10, they can gain new skills through random events.
  • Attributes - Attributes do not increase upon leveling up, but you do get to influence them through a range of different events. No matter what kind of character you control, it's down to you how you develop their build.
  • Trinkets and Traits - Over 1,000 kinds of trinkets provide players with even more options for character development. Along with this, there are also 100 traits to combine with each different character.

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