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Dr. Professor Scientist's Weapons Testing Facility

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DPSWTF is a casual tower defense game with roguelike elements, where instead of placing towers, you build the best tower of them all. Combine the best projectiles with effective modifiers and push back the incoming hordes. Research them all to conquer the secrets of the Great North!

  • Build the Weapon of Your Dreams: the weapon of your dreams is a few projectiles and modifiers away as you devise a cunning plan how to defeat the next enemies. Or if the feelings strikes create a crazy gun with nothing but exploding cabbages in lieu of the more classical energy shard.
  • Survive Waves & Research Weapon Parts: prepare your gun with over 9 different projectiles and 25 increasingly powerful(or wacky) modifiers and decimate the incoming wave. With up to 15 slots in your gun and up to 5 rarities to each Component the combinations are near limitless. For every wave you clear you gain valuable knowledge both in how to build your gun and actual science points— spent to unlock new and interesting modifiers + projectiles. With more at your disposal you can reach further and further into the incoming waves of enemies. And if you are skilled enough, you might beat Grand Daddy Crab...
  • If This Weapon Doesn’t pan out? There is always next run. With slight rogue-lite elements you can achieve new heights of gameplay with unlockable modifiers and projectiles. Your research is a priority, after all they don't call you Dr. Professor Scientist for nothing.
  • Will I have to play thousands of hours to enjoy it? Crazy combinations are available right from the beginning, the longer you play the crazier you get. But even short stints in cahoots with Dr. Professor Scientist will leave you satisfied.
  • Haven't had your coffee or morning beverage of choice yet? Don't worry the Dr. Professor Scientist is very accommodating, leaving the grunt work to others, and gives you the ability to play with only one hand. Lending a perfect time to sip on your favorite beverage, as you watch your scientifically important input come to life in the weapon testing phase.

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