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Cards & Crystals

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Cards & Crystals combines the match-three, RPG and trading card genres into a delicious mix.
The result is a fast-paced puzzle/strategy game. Explore the wild world of Relegatia and fight your way up the top, until you’re mighty enough to defeat dragons and gods. Collect cards and booster packs by playing the game – not by paying. Level up your heroes, choose the best skills and cards to create your own strategy. Experimentation is key to defeat the many unique foes you encounter.

  • Duel with a mix of trading cards and matching crystals
  • Turn-based, but fast-paced gameplay
  • Build individual decks and skillsets to overcome even the toughest foes
  • Earn experience and new cards as you play
  • 400+ cards to collect
  • 21 heroes with unique stats and skills
  • Giant single player campaign with over 100 encounters
  • Story told by our charming AI (all skippable)
  • Puzzle mode with 50 levels (new in 1.1)
  • No microtransaction crap, no pay-to-win
  • Offline-only
  • Full voice acting
  • Dating minigame
  • Choose your kind of humor: Puns, trick questions or memes (good jokes not guaranteed)
  • Unlimited deck slots (as long as your hard drive is big enough)
  • Make smalltalk with our charming AI
  • Bonus levels and hidden treasure
  • Squirrels, walruses, and platypuses

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