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This is for closed BETA from 5th to 9th of August.

Product grants access only to the closed beta and WILL NOT allow you to play the full game once it's released.

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Back 4 Blood 1st Beta

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Back 4 Blood is a new shooter developed by the creators of the awarded Left 4 Dead series. The campaign can be play solo or in a team of up to 4 players. A cutting-edge card system ensures replayability value and diversity of fights.

What is Back 4 Blood about?

Our civilization is on the verge of destruction. You're among a few who can prevent the extinction of mankind. But what caused the upcoming apocalypse? It was a deadly parasite that changes people into fearsome zombie-like monsters known as the Ridden. You are one of the Cleaners - humanity's last hope. To win an uneven war, you and your friends must eradicate the deadly threat and vanquish horrifying monsters, including 20-feet bosses. 


Play solo or with your friends. In Back 4 Blood's campaign, a team of 4 Cleaners fights against hordes of the Ridden. You can lead a whole squad or play together with your friends. There's also the online mode that supports PvP fights of up to 8 players. 

Thrilling multiplayer. You can play against other players in PVP mode. To win, switch between a Cleaner and one of the Ridden. Use unique abilities of both sides. 

War changes every time. Back 4 Blood offers a unique card system that provides a significantly different experience each time you step into Cleaner's boots. It allows you to create custom decks, try new builds and undertake more challenging fights.

The Dynamic Game Director. Thanks to this system you'll never be bored. It adjusts to your actions and ensures exciting and diverse fights.


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