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A Sinful Camp

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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Taken to a concentration camp, I wanted to fight for my freedom, but there I met the girl of my dreams - a student named Anna. "Please protect me... please get me out of here..." the angelic girl pleaded desperately with tears in her eyes.

At night, there came an unsettling noise from the room next to mine. Following the sound, I got closer to the wall and looked through the cracks in the old tiles to see my goddess being violated mercilessly by her guards...! And yet, filled with grief and anger, I was inexplicably aroused, subconsciously pulling down my trousers and placing my hand on my swollen desire...

I spent the next few nights peeping at my beloved girl being violated in the room next to mine, but when I met Anna again during the day, I didn't have the courage to confess it all. Then one day, a mysterious, haughty girl in high heels appeared, claiming to be the camp's director. She asked if I would serve her, which made my already confused mind even more stirred.

Every long night, I witnessed the sexual excitement that tore my heart and made me feel less and less like myself... The fog that hid the truth of the camp slowly lifted before my eyes...


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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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