Whispers of the Ancients

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Whispers of the Ancients is a 3D platformer, adventure and RPG game.

The whispers will never stop, which makes the life of mortals difficult. Mankind has been possessed by the whispers of the ancients. These whispers can even rule over mountains, soils and rivers. If you start to hear the Whispers of the Ancients, you have to act fast or the whispers will take over.

  • Run and Jump - Start running in each of the episodes that tell a different story. All of these levels are specially designed for you. You don't always have to run and jump. Sometimes it is necessary to stop and think while solving a puzzle. But at the end, you must survive in this adventure and not waste your own people's trust in you.
  • Gameplay - Play with your friends (up to 4 players)
  • Custom design - Full of amazing designs special to the world of Whispers of the Ancients.
  • Different Levels - Start running in each of the episodes that tell a different story.
  • Character Animations - Special animations designed for the main character.
  • Sound - Story oriented sountrack and sound of whispers of the ancitens for the story and atmosphere.

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