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Requires a virtual reality headset.

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Tower Defender VR: Hero Wars

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Suplife Games


Suplife Games

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All the TD strategists, come and join this battle of wit! Enemy troops have arrived at the gate of your keep that may fall into pieces at any moment. You can smell fear on the ramparts. One wrong move and defeat is nigh. Block and occupy enemy towers while strengthening your own, then you shall have an epic victory! Tower Defender is a strategy-type tower defense game, developed by an indie game developer SUPLIFE. Your intelligence is put to test in the world of Tower Defender where you need to strategically select and combine skills cards, releasing the battle-changing ability to conquer enemy towers!

You can play as a Froster, Agarwain, Cyrus, Calypso & Prothoe. When you put on Hero's Gloves, you possess their unique abilities which you can utilize to attack enemy troops or defend your own towers in battles.

You can either break through the endless level mode, to the highest number of levels to challenge. You can also embark on a super exciting journey in our Roguelike gameplay with Forest, Snowland, Desert, and Cemetry these four different scenes. Feel free to choose and combine skill cards, develop the best strategy to attack enemy troops or defend your own towers in battles, defeating the final boss!

  • The battlefield is within your grasp. Think strategically to attack and expand your territory!
  • Two gameplay modes: Roguelike and Endless Levels.
  • Experience the changing scenes: Forest, Snowland, Desert, and Cemetry.
  • 5-level Boss mechanism: Every time you complete 4 levels, you get a Boss level.
  • Battle Experience: Your soldiers and towers will gradually become more powerful as you defeat more enemies and complete more levels.
  • Scenes change following time in the real world.
  • Our adorable animals will cheer you up in various cute ways.

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