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Timbertales is a fantasy turn based hex strategy game. I wanted to create a game, which has the feeling of classical games like Battle Isle, Battle of wesnoth or Jagged Alliance, but with a very unique nature theme and challenging content. In Timbertales you will first have to draft an army before you can start a match. Unlike other turn based strategy games: You will not have to produce units in game. Its more based on a table top strategy game approach, where you have to build up an army with a specific point limit before the match starts. While processing through the game you will be able to unlock more units, which can be used in drafting.
In game we have a classic hex tiled map in an isometric view. You will have to move your units around the map and clear out different map objectives to be victorious. Every attack is handled instantly: You will see the results as fast as possible and you are able to plan your next steps immediately.

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