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SAS: Spirit Animal Survival Steam


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SAS is an Open World Multiplayer PVP and CO-OP Survival Game. Set in a vast environment that features Building, Crafting, Taming, Riding, Flying and Exploring ... Mehr erfahren


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SAS is an Open World Multiplayer PVP and CO-OP Survival Game. Set in a vast environment that features Building, Crafting, Taming, Riding, Flying and Exploring Wildlife, Dinos, and Dragons as well as Horrific Creatures and Instances with the ability to Morph into Spirit Animals.

  • Survive and fight for your tribe - start your journey by freeing your tribe mates who have been captured by the Evil Lord and his evil minions and are held captive in various instances around the map. Survive the harsh elements and get the necessary tools, weapons, and structures you may need to defeat the different tier bosses to save your tribe. Cleanse the world of the evil that is a threat to your tribe and restore peace & harmony for all while gaining the Spirit Animal powers along the way to prevent evil to regain control.
  • Spirit animals - there is a large variety of Spirit Animals for you to transform into. From a fast rabbit to a dangerous bear. All of the Spirit Animals have their own abilities! You unlock all the 11 Spirit Animals by cleansing the world of evil that you will find in various instances throughout the world and defeating the Evil Lord’s Elite Monsters. Will you roam the land or the mighty skies with your Spirit Animal of your personal choice?
  • Variety of creatures, taming & mating - there are over 100 different creatures in the world of SAS. From elephants to dinosaurs & dragons. As you try to fulfill your mission to save your goal you also need to deal with these creatures. You can tame the creatures as well. Taming is a dangerous task so be careful not to die along the way. You can ride your tamed creatures. Not only can you tame the creatures but if you have a male & female creature you can also have them mate.
  • Rideable mounts - you can defeat mini-bosses to obtain one of the two dragon mounts! There are other animals like horses, birds, turtles and many more that you can also ride on land, air and in the sea! Are animals not your favorite choice of transportation? Then perhaps going around on a boat or flying carpet is more for you.
  • Extensive character creation & social animations - when creating your own unique character you can get crazy. From the tiniest person to the world’s tallest person. Have fun with the creation! Once you created your character you can craft clothes from 6 different tires. From basic protection to the epic warrior outfits. Once you are in the world of SAS you can then use over 45 Social Animations. Want to flex your muscles or do a rain dance? You can!
  • Over 300 craftable items - there are over 300 craftable items in the game. Make epic bases and decorate them with all that you can imagine. 4 tiers of building material are currently in the game. From basic sticks and wood to advanced stone and concrete. And if there are other tribes starting trouble you can use siege weapons to defend yourself.

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