Payday 2: Black Cat Heist

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The Golden Dagger Triad picked a fight with the wrong crew, it’s time for the Payday Gang to hit them where it will hurt the most - their money.

Vlad is very determined to repay the Golden Dagger Triad for their hospitality in San Francisco. Thankfully, during Vlad’s ordeal and subsequent rescue, the Payday Gang managed to find information on one of the Golden Dagger Triad’s largest sources of income - the luxury cruise ship and casino The Black Cat.
In addition to being a big source of income, the Black Cat also holds a large portion of the triad's wealth... for now at least.

Join the Payday Gang at sea, as they liberate The Golden Dagger Triad from the burden of wealth!

About the base game:

Rob a bank. Again.

Payday 2 is the second edition of OVERKILL’s crime-inspired action RPG game, in which you may become a criminal without real-life consequences. Gather up to a four-player team and join the original crew of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains on their epic crime spree across Washington DC.

Never walk alone

Enter the CRIMENET and choose from a wide range of dynamic contracts for you and your team. Go for a small-time convenience store hits, perform kidnappings, or dare to head for something bigger. How about running a few political errands or emptying out major vaults? In Payday 2, everything is possible and, most importantly, profitable.

Learn from your experience

As you progress and become a more and more advanced criminal, you’ll have the possibility to invest in Skill Trees. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to be a Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician, or Fugitive – you can mix and match various skills to come up with a unique set. The visuals are also customizable – choose one of the available masks or create one yourself!

Lots of addons

A long history of Payday 2’s additional content gives you access to over 70 updates since release, each of them with something worthy. Whether it’s a new heist, new character, pack of weapons, driving cars, or anything else, it will bring your gameplay to a whole new level, exceeding the base game.

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