Minion Masters - Accursed Army Pack

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Accursed Army is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Accursed collection. This is a great +300% value bundle of Accursed Minions, including the powerful Legendary Bahra the Witch Wolf as well as 2 exclusive Accursed cosmetics.

  • 3x Bahra the Witchwolf (Legendary)
  • 5x Blastmancer (Supreme)
  • 20x Undying Skeleton
  • 20x Once Bitten
  • 40x Skeleton Horde
  • 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Accursed Avatar - Animated Nyrvir’s Breath!
  • 1x exclusive Legendary Accursed Emote - Animated Haunting Hugger!

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