Darkness and a Crowd

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Chaos grasped the seemingly pleasant planet of Harrand. What was once peaceful, and quite, became a breeding ground to all that was evil in this world. An explosion from a distant mountain, almost visible to all, changed everything. At first they thought it was a volcanic eruption. But eruptions like those, never caused the wildlife of the land to turn evil. While others took refuge, some suffered an unfortunate fate. No one was the same after that day. Family's were torn apart and villages were burnt to the ground.
Legend broke loose of a chosen one. A creature immune to the essence who was said to have the capability, to save the world.
Now you must fight off against the darkness, being the only immunity left. With only the help of your tiny friend, embark on an epic journey to save the planet you once called home. Whether you're taking down giants, or fighting off against effected wildlife, you must make it to the top of the mountain, and restore peace to these lands.

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When people selling your keys makes more money than you do selling your own game

Still a bit salty with how this works. Loosing hundreds by people buying off you guys.
Thanks for supporting my game, wish I got some of the proceeds. I'll just remember my 20 real sales on Steam.

Games still awesome
- Seth Albertus
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