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Prepare your Squad and engage your enemy in a Turn Based Battle of seek and destroy. Ghost Hunt is a Turn based PVP Action Strategy game, where player compete to prove supremacy on the battlefield through Educated decisions they make to accomplish own tactics over that of enemy’s.

Create a Squad with 4 different Classes of Units , each with Unique Gameplay Style, Skills and Expertise. Customize them to reflect your unique persona. Equip them with Weapons intelligently, to counter enemy Squad. Dive into a shot span , Turn based PVP Battle. Earn Ghost Coins by wagering and winning battles and get better equipped for the next Challenging Enemy Players.

  • Prepare your squad for next opponent accordingly, based on the data available on enemy squad prior to a battle.
  • In the battlefield you try to keep your squad hidden, while eliminating opponent’s Ghost. Being hidden is the key as “a visible unit is a dead unit”.
  • Change the terrain by creating defenses around your Ghosts in eminent danger, while flanking on enemy and quickly finishing them off.
  • Use various Ghost Tactics and Expertise to gather information on enemy Positions and improvise, or Unleash Chaos over them.
  • Set up Ambushes Or Confuse Your enemy with false Information. Anything which wins you the Battle is fair.

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