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This content requires the base game Amazing Cultivation Simulator on Steam in order to play.

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Immortal Tales of WuDang

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The first collaboration content of Amazing Cultivation Simulator is now available! This time, we're releasing a new DLC — Immortal tales of Wudang, in collaboration with the Wudang Museum and the home to many Taoist temples: the Wudang Mountains.

Something bizarre occurred in the world of immortals: An immortal mountain appeared out of nowhere. Rumor says that an immortal is sitting on the peak of the mountain, fishing above the sea of clouds.

The word 'Wudang' is vaguely visible from a distance. It's even said that the mountain is where the Perfected Warrior Emperor once practiced in the world of mortals. Many have climbed the mountain, hoping that they would see immortals from the legends and even learn skills from them. However, immortals are rare to find, and only those fortunate enough are able to meet one.

About the base game:

In a world of myth and magic, those who aspire to immortality devote their lives to the sacred path of cultivation. They gather around sects, institutions which train their bodies, minds and souls to be worth eternal life. But in return for such great power, you must be willing to guard the balance between good and evil -- no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, greed is inherent to human nature, so it also blinds cultivators. Your master didn’t realize until it was too late, and the Taiyi Sect burnt to the ground for his mistake. Your brothers and sisters will never come back, but the Taiyi Sect can still be reborn from its ashes. Its seeds are scattered around Tiancang, waiting for you to find them. This is what your grandmaster would have wanted. You must do it for him and for all those we sworn to protect..


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