Star Wars: Squadrons Collection

In a galaxy far far away ... Star Wars Squadrons is more than just a game in the Star Wars universe. It is a story about lesser-known heroes of the war between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. Ladies and gentlemen get your helmet on and experience an epic space combat game as a Starfighter! From the first-person perspective challenge yourself in the single-player campaign or multiplayer mode! Master legendary starfighters as one of the four available classes: Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, or Support! Make your side victorious - or die trying!

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Star Wars: Squadrons Global Steam
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Star Wars: Squadrons Global EA App
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Star Wars: Squadrons for PC, Xbox, and Playstation

The time for the navy of the Galactic Empire or the New Republic has finally come! Customizable pilots will be your face in this space adventure, where you are going to experience absolutely immersive gameplay with astonishing graphics! Make your name is known among your allies and foes in two online modes: Dogfight or Fleet Battles!

The Star Wars universe is a rich story and contains lots of great characters, which is why one game in the universe is definitely not enough. That's why Gamivo has combined low prices and Star Wars games in one fantastic collection! If you are a true fan of a Star Wars franchise you have to check it out!

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