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Create your own hell! Roleplaying horror games is a quite special theme in the game industry. By combining the dreadful atmosphere of terror with the mechanics present in the RPG genre, the developers created something that is today a very original niche in video games entertainment. This difficult challenge has resulted in the creation of unforgettable masterpieces, which are the perfect combo ominous tension of horror with role-playing games. Feel the best RPG Horror Games on Gamivo at the best prices!

Number of products: 94
Dark Souls Remastered EN Global Steam
from  €13.77 €125.11
Dark Souls 3 EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam
Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition Global Steam
Outlast 2 Global Steam
from  €1.07 €25.99
Darkwood Global Steam
from  €1.20 €12.39
Metro: Exodus Gold Edition Global Steam
Dead Space 3 EN Global EA App
from  €4.23 €12.70
System Shock 2 EN/DE Global Steam
from  €0.84 €9.99
The Evil Within 2 EN Global Steam
from  €2.59 €19.50
Dead Space Remake Global EA App
from  €25.50 €59.99
Darkest Dungeon EN/DE/FR/CS Global Steam
Outlast 2 EN EU Xbox One Xbox Series
from  €1.04 €27.68
Darkwood Deluxe Edition Global Steam
from  €2.39 €30.35
Metro 2033 Redux Global Steam
from  €0.76 €16.99
Dead Space 2 EN/DE/FR/IT/RU Global EA App
Alien: Isolation EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
Hello Neighbor Global Steam
from  €1.17 €23.99
Metro: Exodus EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
Stories Untold EN Global Steam
from  €0.33 €4.68
Call of Cthulhu Global Steam
from  €3.85 €44.99
Metro: Last Light Redux Global Steam
from  €0.78 €16.99
Inside EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
from  €5.58 €13.69
Metro 2033 EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
from  €31.14 €76.90
Hello Neighbor EN EU Xbox One Xbox Series
Call of Cthulhu EU Xbox One Xbox Series
from  €14.89 €44.99
Metro 2033 Redux Global GOG
from  €1.99 €16.99

Best RPG Horror Games

The growing sense of danger merged with the awareness that our decisions influence the plot of this addictive experience. In RPG horror games, each choice is important, and the game endings differ according to the chosen path. Experience the terror of your own decisions and relive adrenaline in roleplaying horror games at low prices on Gamivo.com!

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