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Floor it and ripe the tires on the roads of the legendary action-driving franchise, NFS Need for Speed. Redline the engine, spin the wheels and leave your enemies nothing else but to watch you from behind while smelling your exhaust gases. With top supercars like Mercedes Benz, Koenisseg, Corvette, Aston Martin or Lamborghini you will leave the competition on the rear mirror and lose any cop tail you'll get. But that's only one side of the never-ending night racers-police conflict. Thanks to the NFS Undercover unusual take on the street racing game, you might sit behind wheel of the police car as well and hunt down real criminals.

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Unleash furious sense of speed as a street racer and thrill of chasing down a rogue racer as a cop in Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit Remastered. Loaded with new content and all additional DLCs, it delivers hours of fun. And thanks to cross-play and Autolog, you can now race against your friends on PC/Xbox/Playstation mixed all together. This game is the ultimate racing experience updated for today's generation standards. 

Need for Speed Heat is a high-octane fueled, where the law doesn't apply after the sunset. Complete in all kinds of events, race, drift and even off-road. Win them all to gain respect and take over the city. With the old-school customization, (NFS Underground 2/Most Wanted feel-like) you can truly create your style, so your enemies will crumble just by looking at your car. 

In Redview County rivalry between racers and cops carries out far beyond the streets. Here in order to win the war, you must win the battle over the social, local and national media. There's no other way. That's not all. For the first time in NFS history, the boundaries between single and multiplayer fade out. Join your friends in intense races seamlessly and help escape from pursuit or catch the most wanted street racers in Need for Speed Rivals.