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Become the best hunter! Monster Hunter Games is a critically acclaimed series from Capcom, where players act as a Hunter in a fantasy-themed action RPG. Investigate the tracks and find the hiding monstrous monsters! Capture or slay them in dynamic battles across various landscapes, where your skill decides about everything! Risk your life in order to get new material for crafting from the rich arsenal of weapons, armors, and trinkets! Survive through every animal calamity and become the true monster hunter!

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Monster Hunter: World Global Steam
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Monster Hunter Rise Global Steam Gift
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Gather new material through fierce battles, craft a powerful arsenal of weapons and armors, and battle again in order to be better and better! Each hunt begins with preparation. In the Monster Hunter series of video games, mix-and-matching of equipment parts is one of the most important factors for being victorious! Carefully choose your elemental or physical damages, resistances, and more! You don’t have to be alone - multiplayer mode lets you defeat any monster you like with your friends! Experience the low fantasy life of a hard-working monster hunter at the best prices of Gamivo!

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