Mass Effect Games Collection

One of the most legendary RPG series! Mass Effect is a space opera that has won recognition from fans and critics all over the world. Experience an exciting action trilogy as Commander Shepard and discover brilliant world-building with a lot of well-written characters in an alternate universe where humans along with other alien civilizations have colonies along the Milky Way. Discover the mystery of an ancient civilization and face an enemy that is more dangerous than anyone could have predicted from a third-person perspective. The universe is waiting for you, Shepard.

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Mass Effect Trilogy

The adventure of Commander Shepard has caused an unusual stir among critics. The Mass Effect series was praised for a compelling narrative where every decision and relationship changed the course of history. Contacts with the asari, salarians and turians show how deeply the world has been thought out in Mass Effect and how much it deserved its position in the history of video games.

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