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Pop culture blocks are conquering the world of games! Since 1990, the world of LEGO bricks has been producing video games based on popular brands such as Star Wars, Jurrasic World, and Avengers! Unique graphics combined with dynamic gameplay and comedic factors on each virtual world of LEGO bricks is great fun for both younger and older players! Explore the extensive collection of LEGO Video games at low prices at!

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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes EN Global Steam
LEGO DC Super-Villains Global Steam
from  €1.00 €39.99
LEGO: Jurassic World EN Global Steam
from  €0.88 €19.99
LEGO City: Undercover EN Global Steam
LEGO - Marvel Collection EN Global Steam
LEGO: Lord of the Rings EN Global Steam
LEGO: The Incredibles Global Steam
from  €1.16 €29.99
LEGO: The Hobbit Global Steam
from  €0.45 €7.99
LEGO: Worlds Global Steam
from  €2.24 €10.73
LEGO: Batman EN/FR/ES Global Steam
from  €0.57 €13.45
LEGO: Marvel's Avengers EN Global Steam

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Focus on the recognized franchise makes LEGO video games a great choice for everyone! They are funny and easy to play, with a lot of beloved characters such as Batman, Harry Potter and many more! The brick format makes LEGO games a unique experience, where destructible elements of the environment are available everywhere! Discover rich worlds of LEGO video games at best deals on Gamivo!

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