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Creators of legendary Call of Duty franchise! Founded in 2002 InfinityWard created one of the most popular military-themed shooter video games in the world. Call of Duty is known by everyone because of its immersive storyline, exciting gameplay, and superb quality of animation! Each subsequent installment in the Call of Duty series enjoyed massive commercial success along with very positive reviews from the critics. Experience the fantastic series CoD from InfinityWard for less than you think on!

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Cheap Call of Duty Series

Critics in the gaming industry fell in love with InfinityWard games right from the start. Recognition of the gaming community has come in the form of a massive amount of awards, including 200 "Game of the Year" and 100 "Editor's Choice" titles! InfinityWard is truly a critically acclaimed studio with a great vision and passion for creating brilliant games. Discover their successful franchise and check for yourself if they truly deserve such praise from the game industry over all these years!

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